About our brand

Since our journey started in 2017 we have been creating unique clothing for those who are a little more sexually liberated than most.

We started just creating underwear for the bedroom but since we have realised there are far more situations where our clothing is suitable, daily we create items for concerts, festivals, events, advertising purposes and fetish events!


We are a online only store but you can find our clothing for sale at various adult / swingers clubs throughout the world! At fetish events and festivals also, but we always make sure that both our clothing and our service are always of the highest quality wherever you purchase from.At Dirty Bitch Clothing, shopping is about more than what you buy.

It's a complete journey, from browsing and customising right through to sharing images of your final purchases on our social medias (if you wish of course). We're here to help you enjoy and express yourself, so please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions.

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